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Polarity of Masculine and Feminine Energy

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Lets start with an intro to understanding this concept for a moment shall we?

This polarity of Masculine and Feminine energy exists in nature and within all of us. These are elements to the spiritual body. It is necessary for life to exist as a reality, as the tangible 3D world we know right now. Our world is real, its physical, visible to the eye, as real as this keyboard is to my fingers. It is also non-physical, as my thoughts are, as my dreams are, as my intuition and emotions live inside me.

Relationships and polarity

Imagine you are magnet, and you have two sides. One side is masculine, one side is feminine. If you approach the world from within your masculine energy, you will attract to you a person in the feminine energy. This is where that saying, "opposites attract" comes into play.

Our core energy can be either feminine or masculine, we may be functioning primarily in the opposite energy of our core energy for many reasons, and find many issues with this pattern reflecting in some of our relationships.

We all have a combination of both Masculine and Feminine energy within our energetic body. Think of it like a spectrum, we all have a different combination of the two but we all have both.

Have you ever heard phrases like, "he is in touch with his feminine side" or statements like, "She wears the pants!'' This knowledge of polarity, whether conscious or not, is present in our culture, and on a deeper intuitive level we have always known this truth as well.

Mother Earth, Father Sky.

The sun is masculine, the moon feminine. The mind is considered masculine the heart feminine. The right side of the body is masculine, the left side is feminine. If the feminine is the poem, the masculine would be the pen that writes her poetic words. The vision, inspiration and creative force is feminine and the action that brings it to reality is the masculine.

Divine feminine energy is the flow state, intuition, the movement of emotions. Every single human being that has ever or will ever be born possess both feminine and masculine energy.

Divine Masculine is the energy of producing, pushing, action. The modern world we live in today is a great example, it is very much an embodiment of the masculine energy. You may have even heard of the term "masculine grid", referring to exactly that, the constant need to produce for the sake of it.

Rest, and flow are feminine and tend to get a real bad rep in this model, judged as being "unproductive."

The divine feminine energy has been repressed on a collective and individual level for a very long time and has created a massive imbalance that can be easily spotted once you know what to look for.

Mother/father wounds or wounded feminine and wounded masculine wounding refers to an unhealed aspect of the energetic body that usually occur within the early stages of life and development. Based on our relationships to our caregivers as children, we develop wounds that if not tended to as adults can become unconscious patterns and blueprints for our adult relationships. If our emotional/physical needs went unmet as a child, our brain and nervous system is wired in a way that creates behavior that seeks to find safety. If our needs went mostly unmet by either our mother or father specifically, this leads to an energetic imbalance and wounds or trauma. We will dive deeper into this topic of trauma and psychology another time, but basically these early relationships or lack of relationships is where it all begins. Sometimes it trails back even earlier, if we include the traumas of our parents, their parents and so on. We call this accumulated family trauma, ancestral trauma. If gone unchecked and unhealed your parents accumulative wounds that are passed on to you, if unhealed will continue to be passed down the lineage and the cycles continues until someone does this conscious work. With each new generation we have the opportunity to heal our whole lineage. This inner work and healing journey is not for the faint of heart. So if you found yourself here on my page, it is no accident, spirit has guided you, and you have started down a profound and sacred healing path, we thank you, we need you, you are seen and appreciated.

It is so important to know and understand yourself from this energetic perspective. Once you learn how to balance, heal and embody a healthy combination of the two, you find the sacred union within, a harmony inward that reflects, attracts, and vibrates outward. This is how we heal, this is how we change the world, from the inside out.

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